Why Welcome Samui?

logo.jpg ENThe idea for Welcome Samui came through the exploitation of Wazzah hotel resort in Koh Samui bungalows (wazzahresort.com) whose Herve FREDERIC and Waranya FREDERIC are the founders and the meeting with Yves Rambaud, professional outdoor tourism in the south of France and a great lover of Thailand and especially Samui.

During operation of the sign Wazzah resort bungalows several observations were made:

 1 / services dedicated to seasonal rentals operators are not developed in Samui.

Yet this type of activity already proven in other countries such as Bali and Boracay in the Philippines.

2 / Existing concierge services are primarily intended for customers with large purchasing power.

It was necessary to create a structure to Samui to provide janitorial services at reasonable prices.


The principle of Welcome Samui and serve as many customers at the same time to tighten costs.

The principle of Samui Welcome also to customers in connection with providers whose prices are reasonable.

For this regular selection of suppliers is carried out.

Finally, Samui Welcome services are developed with the support of the brand and Hotel-thailande.com Wazzah resort bungalows which no longer wishes to live Chagrin often incompetent and too expensive providers.

The whole team :

Waranya (Wan): Thai nationality, speaks English and Thai

Yves: French nationality, speaks French and … a little Thai and English

Herv√©: French nationality, speaks French, English and a little thai …